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There is no mandatory gear required for any of the events.

However the following is recommended gear, which will vary based on weather conditions on the day.

  • Waterbottle/s or backpack with bladder (minimum capacity of 1 litre) - there are aid stations on the course, however runners will need to provide their own bottles or hydrations packs to fill. THERE WILL BE NO PLASTIC CUPS ON COURSE.
  • Mobile phone in waterproof or ziploc bag. Turned off unless needed.
  • Whistle.
  • Emergency/space blanket.
  • Compression bandage (for injury or snakebite). Suggested size is 7.5cm wide X 2.3m long unstretched. Should be labelled as “heavy weight cotton crepe/elastic bandage”.
  • Thermal top (long sleeved). Suggested fabrics are polypropelene, merino, wool or similar.
  • Ziploc bag for your rubbish, wrappers etc (small size).


  • Rain jacket. Waterproof and breathable fabric. Highly recommend sealed seams and a hood. It should be in a size that fits you. Suggested fabrics include Gore-Tex, Entrant, Event, Hy-Vent, Aqua Stop, Omni-Tech, Helly-tech and similar. The following are less than ideal: plastic rain poncho, polyurethane (PU) coated fabrics, non-proofed/treated or non-membrane fabrics.
  • Thermal pants. Polypropelene, merino, wool or similar. Note that cotton, lycra, coolmax or “compression” garments made with these fabrics are not considerd as thermals and are less than ideal to be used as thermals. You may choose to wear compression pants for the event however you may still want to carry thermal pants as well.
  • Warm headwear such as beanie, Buff or similar.

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