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the lone pine 11km challenge

The Course

Starting at the Princess Anne Equestrian Field, runners then run the main fire trail down to the St Ives Wildflower Gardens, and onto the main rod circuit, where they run for about 1km before turning into single trail and making their way down the hill.

Runners then turn left into following Muellers Trail which is a nice single trail  winding in and out of trees around rock formations and along creeks, with a bit of a climb at the end as runners end up  back at the road. Runners turn right back onto the road around the Wildflowers gardens to complete a second loop of this section course, before turning left when they return to the road, and running back up the main fire trail to the finish at the Equestrian field at St Ives Showgrounds. 

Start Time

 The Lone Pine 11km Challenge will start from the event hub at St Ives Showground at 9.00am.

Cut Off Times

The Lone Pine 11km Challenge does not have a cut off.

Aid Stations

There is one aid station on the The Lone Pine 11km course. You will pass this aid station 3 times, where you have access to water, lollies and fresh fruit. Distances are listed in the table below:

 Aid Station Location 

  Distance from Start   

  Distance of Next Leg  

  Distance to Finish  

 Wildflower Gardens  1.3km  4.2km  9.7km
 Wildflower Gardens  5.5km  4.2km  5.5km
 Wildflower Gardens  9.7km  1.3km  1.3km
 Finish Line  11.0km  0.0km  0.0km


The Battle of Lone Pine  was fought between Australian and Ottoman Empire forces during the First World War between 6 and 10 August 1915. Part of the Gallipoli Campaign, the battle was part of a diversionary attack to draw Ottoman attention away from the main assaults against Sari Bair, Chunuk Bair and Hill 971, which became known as the August Offensive. The Australians, initially at Brigade strength, managed to capture the main Ottoman trench line from the battalion that was defending the position in the first few hours of the fighting; however, the fighting continued for the next three days as the Ottomans brought up reinforcements and launched numerous counterattacks in an attempt to recapture the ground they had lost. As the counterattacks intensified the Australians brought up two fresh battalions. Finally, on 9 August the Ottomans called off any further attempts and by 10 August offensive action ceased, leaving the Australians in control of the position. Nevertheless, despite the Australian victory, the wider August Offensive of which the attack had been a part failed and a situation of stalemate developed around Lone Pine which lasted until the end of the campaign in December 1915 when Allied troops were evacuated from the peninsula.

Further details about  the Battle of Lone Pine can be found on Wikipedia

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