Mandatory Gear

There is no mandatory gear requirement for any of the events.

However, the following is recommended gear, which will vary based on weather conditions on the day.

  • Waterbottle(s) or backpack with bladder (minimum capacity of 1 litre).
  • Mobile phone in waterproof or ziploc bag. Turned off unless needed.
  • Whistle.
  • Emergency/space blanket.
  • Compression bandage (for injury or snakebite). Minumum size is 7.5cm wide x 2.3m long unstretched. Must be labelled as “heavy weight cotton crepe/elastic bandage”.
  • Thermal top (long sleeved). Polypropylene, merino, wool or similar.
  • Ziploc bag for your rubbish, wrappers etc (small size).


  • Rain jacket. Waterproof and breathable fabric. It must have sealed seams and a hood. It should be in a size that fits you. Recommended fabrics include Gore-Tex, Entrant, Event, Hy-Vent, Aqua Stop, Omni-Tech, Helly-tech and similar. The following are not acceptable: plastic rain poncho, polyurethane (PU) coated fabrics, non-proofed/treated or non-membrane fabrics.
  • Thermal pants. Polypropylene, merino, wool or similar. Note that cotton, lycra, coolmax or “compression” garments made with these fabrics are not considered as thermals
  • Warm headwear such as beanie, Buff or similar.